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The Ultimate Powerpole and Coax Strip,
Prep, and Crimp Kit

Our new prep, strip, and crimp set is just what you need.  Full cycle ratchet crimper specifically designed to install coax connectors.  Strips and Crimps RG-8, 213, 8X, 58, 174, 316, 59, 6, 11, LMR-400, LMR-240, 9913, and others. PLUS! It includes our exclusive Andy-Crimp Pro™ Powerpole die set to crimp 15-30-45-50-75A Powerpoles, Molex Connectors, insulated and uninsulated terminals. and more.  All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.
Special introductory price of just $129.73  Go here

Andy-Crimp Pro™ Crimper
The Most Versatile Powerpole Tool Available

No other tool does all of this:
Our new Andy-Crimp Pro crimps 15, 30, 45, 50, and 75 amp Powerpoles.  It also does Molex and similar connectors, like the DC power connectors used on most rigs, as well as insulated and uninsulated terminals. 
All at an incredible introductory price of just $49.73!! See it here.


Anderson Powerpoles and Accessories
PowerPals™ Cables with Anderson Powerpoles
DC Power Cables, Connectors. and Accessories

Coax Sealing Tape

Connectors and Adapters
VHF/UHF Antennas
High Quality, High power Baluns
Antenna Wire and Rope
Ladder-Line, Coax Cable
Low-Loss Coax
HF Antennas
Coax Feed-Through
Tuner and Rotor Connectors and Cables
Antenna Mounts
Pass that Test!
Click here for tips and tricks on getting your license or upgrade

PowerPal™ DC Power Cables let you connect just about anything to anything        


The Problem The Solution PPL-4 - for FT-817 "Tongue Top Red Right"

New! By popular request, we've added some new items. 

  • PowerPal Cables for ICOM IC-7000, IC-703, Yaesu FT-450 and Kenwood TS-480 are now in stock

  • New Andy-Crimp Pro™ Crimper is in stock

Custom cables are no problem at all.  Please e-mail us at with your requirements.

DC Connections can be a nightmare.  PowerPals™ from Quicksilver Radio Products offer the best solution. 

PowerPals™ are designed to solve DC power connection headaches.  We offer them in a wide variety of configurations. 
Each features an Anderson Powerpole on one end, and a common DC connector on the other.  Powerpoles are genderless connectors; 
wired correctly, they're impossible to connect "backwards".

  • The most practical solution to DC power interconnections

  • Hot-swappable, color coded, polarized

  • No exposed connectors

  • No guessing -- impossible to connect "backwards" when wired correctly

  • Connect just about anything to just about anything

  • Custom configurations readily available

  • High current capacity

  • Conform to ARRL/ARES standard and RIGrunner panels

Our line of Powerpole parts and accessories has grown to the point that we've divided it between a page for assembled power cables, and another page for the connectors and related hardware.  On this page you will find cables to fit almost every modern Amateur Radio and almost any power source you can think of.
Click here to see our complete line of Powerpoles and related hardware including a variety of mounting options, crimp tools, distribution panels, meters, housings many different colors, and more.


Part #



Use for



Andy-Crimp Pro NEW!
The most versatile crimper on the market
  Professional grade full-cycle ratchet crimper for 15, 30, 45, 50, and 75 Amp Anderson Powerpoles.  Also crimps Molex and similar terminals, insulated and non-insulated terminals, and more.  One tool does them all. 
Dies sets for  for coax connectors are available here.
On sale!

New Item!


Economical DC Power Distribution

Feed any one of the connectors, and power your devices with all of the rest.

Good for 40 Amps or Better

Great for Go-Kits, Mobile/Portable Operations, or in the Shack


PWR-Blok 4

PWR-Blok 6

PWR-Blok 8

PWR-Blok 10

PWR-Blok 12

New Item!

Fused Powerpole Cables

Add Fuse Protection to Any
Powerpole System

Uses Standard Automotive "Blade" Type Fuse, 
#12 wire, 12" long.


Powerpoles to Powerpoles

Powerpoles to 1/4" Terminals
fits most small gel-cells

Powerpoles to 3/8" Ring Terminals

Powerpoles to 5/16" Ring Terminals

Powerpoles to 1/4" Ring Terminals

Powerpoles to Banana Plugs

Powerpoles to Small Alligator Clips

Powerpoles to Large Alligator Clips

PPL-10PK30 Package of 10 Sets.  Picture shows one set.   Package contains 10 Red & 10 Black Housings, and 20 terminals (30 Amp).  Far and away the most popular set.  Mates with 15A and 45A sets.  Click here for all of our Powerpoles and related hardware 10.00


DC Power cable adapter OEM power supply socket to Powerpoles #14 Wire Use your OEM power supply with the popular Anderson Powerpoles.  Great for feeding DC distribution panels like the RIGRunners.  Has the "standard" 6-pin Molex type female socket (found on most recent HF radios) on one end and Powerpoles on the other. 18.00

PPL-42 ICOM IC-7000 Plug 3' #16
Add your own fuses, or connect to a fused source or distribution panel.  18.00

PPL-40 Kenwood
TS-480 Plug
3' #16
Add your own fuses, or connect to a fused source or distribution panel.  Two cables required for TS-480HX 200W model. 18.00

IC-703 Plug
3' #16 Wire Add your own fuses, or connect to a fused source or distribution panel.  18.00

PPL-30 4-Pole Snap-in panel mount for 2 sets of Powerpoles   Mount Powerpoles in your own panel, power supply, go-kit, etc.  Requires 1" x 1.25" hole.  Includes retaining pin.
Many more mounting options here

PPL-Kit1 Powerpole Starter Kit
Everything you need to begin making your own cables.
  Kit contains 1 RIGrunner 4005 panel, 50' of #16 and 30' of #12 Red/Black zipcord, crimping tool, & 10 sets of 30A Powerpole connectors.  Total value $148.00 125.00


Voltage Tester

1' #16 Wire Banana Plugs in Parallel with Powerpoles.  Use with most DVMs to monitor voltage. 15.00


Current Tester

1' #12 Wire Banana Plugs in Series with Powerpoles.  Use with most DVMs to monitor current. 15.00

PPL-4 FT-817 plug 2' #24 Wire Same Plug as Original (Also fits Yaesu Handheld Radios) 12.00

PPL-7 "Y" with FT-817 and LDG Tuner Plugs 2' #24 Wire By Popular Request -- one cable runs both 16.00

PPL-25 ICOM/Kenwood HT Plug 2' #24 Wire Fits Recent ICOM and Kenwood Handheld Radios 12.00

PPL-8 5.5 x 2.5mm Jack 2' #24 Wire Fits many Wall Warts, use for battery charging, etc 10.00

PPL-18 5.5 x 2.5mm Plug 2' #24 Wire Fits LDG Z-11 Tuner, many others 12.00

PPL-21 5.5 x 2.1 mm Jack 2' #24 Wire Fits MFJ, Jameco, and other supplies.  Use for battery charging, etc 12.00

PPL-22 5.5 x 2.1 mm Plug 2' #24 Wire Fits many MFJ accessories, Elecraft K1 & K2, Older ICOM HTs (like IC-02AT),  others 12.00

PPL-24 HF Radio Fused 6-Pole Connector 8' #12  Wire Fits most HF Radios from the 80s and 90s made by ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, and Alinco.  Very similar to OEM Power Cords.  See above for IC-703 and TS-480 cables.  25.00

PPL-44 HF Radio Fused 4-Pole Connector   Fits most newer HF Radios from ICOM, Yaesu, and Kenwood including IC-7000, TS-480, FT-450, and similar.  If your connector looks like this, it's the right one. 30.00

PPL-9 FM Mobile Fused "T-style" Connector 15' #14 Wire Fits most recent FM radios.  Very similar to OEM Power Cords.  Comes with spare radio side connector. 20.00

PPL-17 Fused Cig. Lighter 3' #16 Wire See the notes below 12.00

PPL-26 Cig Lighter Receptacle 3' #16 Wire Great for charging cell phones 12.00

PPL-5 Small Alligator Clips 1' #16 Wire Connect to Gel-Cells, Power Supply, etc 12.00

PPL-6 Large Alligator Clips 3' #12 Wire Connect to Car Battery, etc. 15.00

PPL-29 "Y" with Large Alligator Clips 3' #12 Wire Connect to Car Battery, etc. 22.00

PPL-10 "Trailer Connector" 1' #14 Wire Sold in Pairs 13.00

PPL-12 .250" Disconnect 1' #12 Wire Fits Most SLA "Gel Cell" Batteries 12.00

PPL-13 ARRL/ARES  Std. Molex 1' #16 Wire Sold in Pairs (M/F) only 18.00

PPL-19 Banana Plug 1' #12 Wire Fits Standard Banana Jacks
Used on many newer power supplies

PPL-14 1/4" Ring Terminals 5' #12 Wire Fits Most Large Power Supplies 12.00

PPL-15 1/4" Ring Terminals 10' #12 Wire Fits Most Large Power Supplies 15.00

PPL-2 5 Ft. Extension 5' #12 Wire Powerpoles on Both Ends 12.00

PPL-3 10 Ft. Extension 10' #12 Wire Powerpoles on Both Ends 15.00

PPL-1 "Y" -- 2 into 1 1' #16 Wire Run 2 Devices From One Power Source 14.00

PPL-11 Blank End 1' #12 Wire Roll Your Own 6.00

Andy-Crimp Pro NEW!
The most versatile crimper on the market
N/A Professional grade full-cycle ratchet crimper for 15, 30, 45, 50, and 75 Amp Anderson Powerpoles.  Also crimps Molex and similar terminals, insulated and non-insulated terminals, and more.  One tool does them all. 
Dies sets for  for coax connectors are available here.
On sale!

            Official PayPal Seal


PowerPals™ conform to the standard used by most ARES and other emergency communications groups nationwide.  If you look at the picture (right above), you can see that the silver contact "tongues" are at the top with the red housing on the right.  This is the most widely used configuration and we encourage you to follow it.  "Tongue Top Red Right" is an easy way to remember it.  Here are a few more tips: 

We VERY STRONGLY RECOMMEND using PowerPals (and any other Powerpole accessories) exclusively for 12 Volt (nominal) DC power connections.  If you decide to use Powerpoles for something other than 12V DC, please do yourself and others a favor and configure them so that they cannot mate with standard cables.  If you fail to do this, sooner or later you will make a mistake, causing damage to equipment and possibly harm to yourself and others.

As with any other electrical cord, always unplug your PowerPals by gripping the connector, not the wire.

The National Electrical Code specifies #12 Wire as good for 20 Amps, #14 Wire for 15 Amps, and #16 for 10 Amps.  We do not recommend exceeding these limits.  100 Watt HF Transceivers generally draw about 20 Amps max.  50 or 60 Watt FM Transceivers draw about 15 Amps max. 

For several reasons we discourage you from running higher powered mobile rigs (for example, 50W 2M or dual band FM rigs, ICOM 706 or Yaesu FT-100, etc.) with our cigarette lighter adapters.  The '706 and FT-100 draw approximately 20 Amps on Transmit; FM 50 Watt rigs typically draw 15 Amps.  Even a 15 Amp draw is likely to blow the fuse protecting the lighter circuit.  We also understand that there is some risk of a voltage spike on starting and stopping the engine, so we recommend connecting your radio after the engine starts, and disconnecting it prior to shutting the engine off.

For mobile installation, we do recommend using #12 or heavier wire direct (through a fuse)  to the battery.  Running the cable, especially in newer cars, is not always an easy task.  Places that install auto stereo and alarm systems are often willing to do the job.  Expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $50.00 -- not cheap, but they have the tools and expertise to do it right. 

There have been any number of articles in the Amateur Radio magazines dealing with this subject, and we don't consider ourselves experts on the subject.  We will pass along three rules, though:

1.  Make sure you put a fuse as close as possible to the battery.

2.  Make sure you put a fuse as close as possible to the battery.

3.  Make sure you put a fuse as close as possible to the battery.


If you're not sure whether, or where,  to put a fuse in the wire, refer to rules 1-3 above.  Even if your radio came with a fused power cord, the fuse is probably at the radio end of the cable.  This is done (we presume) to allow the cable to be fished through the firewall.  Think for a minute about what would happen should a short develop anywhere between the pre-installed fuses and the battery.  A "Car-B-Cue" can really ruin your day.  Radio Shack (and likely many other stores) carry small fuse holders that are easy to mount.  Make sure to get the right sized fuse, and keep a few spares in the glove box.


Always check for correct polarity before connecting to unfamiliar equipment!  We all know that Red wire is always used for DC + and Black wire for DC-.  Somewhere out there is a guy or gal who doesn't know that.  If you don't check for correct polarity before connecting to someone else's equipment, you're almost certain to meet him/her.  You'll then see a small, or maybe large, puff of magic electronic smoke.  The smoke is what makes radios work, and when you let it out they stop working. 

Please check back often as we expand our line.  If you have a need for something we don't yet offer, please let us know.  We welcome your suggestions and we'll do our best to help you.

Need more info?  E-mail

Thanks and 73,


John Bee, N1GNV



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