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More Ham Radio Stuff Than Anybody!

Countdown to Dayton 2015     

Introducing our newest kit

The Andy-Crimp Pro™ Deluxe Crimp Kit

Everything you need to install Powerpoles in your station.  Includes our famous Andy-Crimp Pro™ Crimp tool; Powerpole insertion/extraction tool; assortment of 15A, 30A, and 45A Powerpoles; wire stripper; 4-way PWR-Blok splitter; and screwdriver for changing dies.  Compatible with our coax crimp connector die sets, of course.  All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.  
Special price of just $99.73  Go here

The Ultimate Powerpole & Coax Strip, Prep, and Crimp Kit
Our new prep, strip, and crimp set is just what you need.  Full cycle ratchet crimper specifically designed to install coax connectors.  Strips and Crimps RG-8, 213, 8X, 58, 174, 316, 59, 6, 11, LMR-400, LMR-240, 9913, and others. PLUS! It includes our exclusive Andy-Crimp Pro™ Powerpole die set to crimp 15-30-45-50-75A Powerpoles, Molex Connectors, insulated and uninsulated terminals. and more.  All in a sturdy, custom designed ABS case.
Special price of just $129.73  Go here
Anderson Powerpoles and Accessories
PowerPals™ Cables with Anderson Powerpoles
DC Power Cables, Connectors. and Accessories
Tools, Test and Soldering

Coax Sealing Tape

Connectors and Adapters
VHF/UHF Antennas
High Quality, High power Baluns
Antenna Wire and Rope
Ladder-Line, Coax Cable
Low-Loss Coax
HF Antennas
Coax Feed-Through
Tuner and Rotor Connectors and Cables
Antenna Mounts
Pass that Test!
Click here for tips and tricks on getting your license or upgrade

New items and old favorites -- in stock & ready to ship!
Wireless Relays
Single, Four, and Eight Pole Models

Back in Stock

  Triple Play Panel

We sold the first shipment out in two days.

Due back in 3/10

New Item!
GO-PWR Plus™
Battery Box
Click Here
  USB Microscope

Up to 500x magnification.
Perfect for those tiny parts.

Click here for info

New Item!
Dual Band 2M & 70CM Transceiver
Versatile Value
See it here

Clean up those rusted, crusted, busted controls and connectors with
DeoxIt Spray. 
It's magic in a can!
Get yours here.

Single Band
Mobile Antennas

Now available for
12M, 30M, 60M, & 80M
(and 6M, 10M, 15M, 17M, 20M, 40M, 75M too!)
Look Here
  Quad and Triple Mag Mounts
now in stock
We have mounts for just about anything, here
Back In Stock!

Batt-Mon battery toppers and PWRgrip Powerpole Mounting Blocks are back in stock for immediate delivery.

Single and Double Mounts Available.


Tinned Copper Braid with Ring Terminals Installed

Look Here

New and in Stock!

At Dayton, we sold out of these Digital Voltmeters in just two hours!  They're back in stock and ready to ship. 
Save on package prices here



In-line meters measure DC Voltage and Current.
3 New Models Here.

We grow our antenna wire from hand-selected copper seeds.  All natural, no hormones or artificial fertilizer here!  Check out our organic copper here   To build the right wire antenna, you need the right antenna wire.  We have what you need right here

Semiconductor and Component Analyzers

New! Pro Models Available
For Transistors, MOSfets, J-Fets, and more
Passive Component Analyzer
for Inductors, Capacitors, and Resistors
Look Here

  On the Go Power!
The new Go-PWR kit is the perfect start to a portable or emergency station.  See it here.

Coax Connector Sealing Tape is here
Now in 15 Colors
  We now carry weather caps for PL-259/SO-239, Type N, NMO, and microphone connectors.  They're here.
Back in the day, Cinch-Jones Plugs were widely used in Ham Radio.  They've become quite hard to find, but we've located a supplier.  Both male and female plugs (including cable and panel mounts) are in stock in 12, 8, 4, and 2-pin models.
 Look here
  Back in Stock!
450 and 300 Ohm Ladder Line
Double braided Dacron/Polyester Antenna Rope.  UV, mildew, and rot resistant.  Designed for outdoor use in harsh environments.  Available here in 3 sizes and two lengths  

USA Made
Low Loss Coax
Coax cable in bulk, or with premium connectors installed.  USA-400, Bury-Flex, RG-213, RG-8X, USA-240-Flex, and more Great prices, wide selection.
 Upgrading your station is just a click away

Welded Powerpoles.  Just like the "regular" 15-30-45A housings.  But these are permanently bonded together in the standard ARES Em-Comm configuration .  Speeds up assembly time, virtually eliminates mistakes.  They take the same terminals as, and mate with, the regular ones. 
 We have more Powerpole Stuff than anybody, right here
A high quality and affordable stripper for LMR-400, RG-213, RG-8, 9913, and similar cables. 
Order yours here
30 Piece adapter kit makes 144 different RF adapters.  Any combination of male and female UHF, BNC, SMA, Type N, TNC, Mini-UHF.  Buying all of them would cost over $700!  Get this kit for a small fraction of that.  Another go-kit must-have, right here    Great quality coax crimper with two die sets.  Covers just about any size cable you're likely to use.  Silver/Teflon connectors also available.  See them here
Killer Deal!
40W Variable Temperature Soldering Station.
  Reg price $60, on sale for only $29.73
Replacement tips and solder available too
Click here for details
  Premium commercial grade PL-259, BNC, and Type N Crimp-on Connectors for most popular coax cables.  Great prices, too.  Look here
More Powerpole stuff than anybody! 
We've added a whole lot more Powerpole stuff,
including new colors, mounts, sizes, Red/Black zipcord, and more.  Take a look. 
We keep expanding our line of ready-made cables with Powerpoles.  See them all  right here.
  Let the Deputy arrest your lightning!  High quality gas-discharge with Pl-259/SO-239 connectors.  Available here.
Our new Powerpole distribution blocks are compact, high current units that are built to last.  See them all  right here.  

Selecting the right balun can greatly improve antenna performance and eliminate many RFI problems.  Our high quality low loss models are here.

We carry replacement DC Power Cables for just about every HF and FM Mobile Radio made in the last 30 years -- ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, Alinco, and more.  Click here.   Protect your ladder line with our ladder-lock strain relief.
See it here
DC Power connectors & cables for the ICOM IC-7000, Yaesu FT-450, Kenwood TS-480, and most other newer HF Radios are in stock   We've added a selection of extension cables and connectors for the popular ICOM tuners, here.




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